Why become a member?

The primary benefits include having the opportunity to:

  • Evolve and facilitate the growth of the automated and mechanical parking industry overall.
  • Very importantly, establish standards and guidelines related to the technical aspects of the industry.
  • Formulate (and coordinate with related organizations such as ICBO and NFPA) building and fire codes that could impact the industry’s safety and growth.
  • Increase the quality of urban and congested living.
  • Become further educated and stay “up to the minute” with the latest developments in the industry.
  • Network with key contacts within the Association to enhance one’s own company’s marketing efforts.
  • Have greater exposure of one’s particular company, products and services within the industry through AMPA marketing materials and publications and / or direct presentation by members of AMPA at other industry related Conventions and industry shows.
  • Evolve and / or manage proper legislation at a Federal level to ensure alignment with the Association’s and the industry’s purposes.

If you are interested in joining or know others who would be interested, please contact one of the Trustees for a Membership Application